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          • GB8A1992.jpg

          Cup holder Adirondack chair


          HDPE Adirondack Chair


          Length 76cm * width 73cm * height 94cm


          Adirondack chair

          Cup holder Adirondack chair


          Outdoor furniture is different from general furniture in that it is a component element of the urban landscape environment - the "props" of the city, and has the characteristics of "publicity" and "communication" in the general sense. As an important part of the overall furniture, the basic content of outdoor furniture generally refers to the rest facilities in urban landscape facilities. For example, rest tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. for outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces.

          As furniture itself, "furniture" (FURNITURE) is defined in a narrow sense as the apparatus used for indoor living, which is necessary to make the building space produce specific practical value; in a broader sense, furniture is an indispensable tool for people's living, working and social activities and a way to meet the needs of life for the purpose of It is the common product of the pursuit of visual expression and ideals.

          Outdoor furniture is the material basis for determining the function of the outdoor space (including the space outside the half-space, also known as 'grey space') and an important element in the expression of the outdoor space.


          Adirondack chair with stool+ Side table


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